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IGT and MPL Shows Plan to Offer State of the Art Waste Management to LGUs

The Integrated Green Technology or IGT thru their founder & co-founder Mr. Michael Coronel-Jimenez & Ms. A. Leilani T. Cruz and CMPL (CNIM Martin Private Limited) based in Chennai India represented by Mr. Denis Bauer, CEO hosted their first “Waste to Energy Summit 2019” on Nov. 15 2015 at the Grand Ballroom of Seda Hotel Vertis North Quezon City. This is to showcase their expertise in Renewable Energy and explain their patented European technology which is manufactured in India to cater the Asian market such as the Philippines. The foreign technology CNIM are based in Paris, France using a German technology (Martin GMBH) and has a combined 50 years experience in “Waste to Energy” EPC and FGT (Flue Gas Treatment) who has the highest emission standard that is compliance to our RA 8789 (Clean Air Act) of the Philippines.

The technology provider have built more than 170 WTE plants in 23 countries and soon 24th country will be in the Philippines. With a combined cooperation of the local government units or LGU, DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) and DOE (Department of Energy) IGT and CMPL believes this project investments of all stakeholders will come to reality. It is fully supported by all European funders and backed up with debt insurance and bank guarantees which are all in place for the financial support for the first three (3) projects (Province of Cebu, Province of Pangasinan and Province of Bulacan) that has a total investment of $230 USD for the Philippines thru Allied Project Services Limited of London.

IGT and CMPL goal is to provide state of the art waste management, energy sustainability and environment protection per LGU’s, Not to mention this will also reduce the rate of electricity to the host Cities and Municipalities and generate employment to the community. “A Clean and Green Country- Philippines”.

Integrated Green Technology Inc (IGTI) is a diversified business group that is involved in waste management projects and renewable energy development in Emerging Cities with increasing waste volume problems all over the Philippines. With contracts with the Philippine Local Government for the next 50 years. IGT, Inc, founded by Mr. Michael Jimenez and Ms. Leilani Cruz which started their quest since 2012. Their main goal is to:

  • Convert Waste to electricity
  • Rehabilitate and mine old existing landfills and dumpsites
  • No more landfill and dumpsites and no more MRF (material recovery facility). Therefore, LGU saves investments on sanitary landfill
  • Lower consumers electricity bills by at least 15-20%
  • Generates employment to the host municipalities and cities
  • Clean and green municipality and cities

Zehira Philippines is a registered renewable energy company under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since 2012, was also founded by Mr. Michael Jimenez and Ms. A. Leilani Cruz. ZPI will be the renewable energy developer, operator and owner of all power generation plants all over the Philippines in various cities and provinces.

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