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Are you ready to rely on voice search for speaking about your business and site?

Have you been losing visitors of late? Are people visiting your competitor sites because they show up during voice searches? Are you tired of not seeing your business website on the 1st page of the Google SERP?

Let us think about the problem from the visitor’s perspective –

Say you are driving, and you want to grab a quick bite before you head home. Do you pull up by the side of the road, take your phone out and begin looking for nearby places manually?

At least 72% of the people in Toronto don’t roll like that!

People ask their voice assistants to find places they can check out. They ask Siri or Cortana to find nearby diners and restaurants. Their queries sound similar to “where can we grab dinner right now?” or “what are the best pizza places near me?”

How much will not optimizing your website for voice search hurt your business?

Unless you have optimized your website to answer questions like these, you will have a tough time competing with similar brands and businesses. By the next year, more than 50% of the searches on Google will be voice searches. This is the final call for all companies in and around Toronto to optimize their website content for voice searches.

Without voice search optimization, you will lose more than 52% of your standard organic traffic flow. Paid ads do not get as much traffic as they used to thanks to voice searches and people’s preference for organic results. Therefore, without a generous slathering of voice-optimized keywords and key phrases, you can say “Goodbye” to your dreams of increased sales and high profit.

What are the leading voice assistants we use for our daily rounds of searching?

Today, there are more than the two voice search assistants we have mentioned above. The leading ones include –

  • Siri, Apple
  • Google Now
  • Cortana, Microsoft
  • Alexa, Amazon
  • Baidu

The most popular ones are Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. However, almost all of the top-rated voice assistants generate similar queries from a specific geographical area.

It is foolish to try and segregate visitors according to their devices since Apple users are all over the world. One search query in Toronto will never match another from Japan. Since most of the queries are situational and location-based, you will need to consider a person’s location, age, race, gender, and several other factors to decode the search trend of your target consumers.

How are voice queries different from Google search terms?

More than 68% of users search for facts, 65% look for directions, and 52% inquire about services or products. A majority of these queries contain phrases like “what” and “how.” Almost 90% of the search queries from voice assistants come in question form.

An easy solution for existing websites is to include a fact-rich Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or open a discussion forum. The more you can incorporate the queries of your target audience within the site content. The higher are your chances of remaining visible during the era of voice search.

Another trick is to optimize for longer keywords. Most questions have long-tailed keywords. For example, when we use Google on a laptop, we are more likely to search for “SEO services in Toronto,” or even “SEO Toronto.” However, when we are using voice search, we would ask, “what are the best SEO services near me” or “what are the top SEO companies in Toronto.”

“Best SEO services near me” and “top SEO companies in Toronto” are both long-tailed keywords that can deter irrelevant traffic. On the other hand, these highly selective and comparatively low-volume keywords will always attract voice search users.

How to reinvent your content for voice search?

Your content will determine if you get enough visitors from voice search. Most existing websites already have hundreds of pages of content. It seems impossible to comb through old content to see their compatibility with voice search. Well, you can go ahead and run a site audit.

Running a website audit will weed out old and outdated content. It will highlight the broken links and obsolete keyword strategies. You should also get a list of slow-loading pages, poorly performing links, and several other actionable points. Once you remove the irrelevant content, you can only focus on the redeemable content on your site.

Begin by listing the topics and primary keywords on each page. Next, search for the popular voice queries related to the topics and focus keywords. Try to modify the content as per the latest voice search trends. If necessary, include new keywords and replace a few old links.

Why do businesses outsource their SEO needs?

It sounds like a lot of work, that is because it is! The task is as much trite and time-consuming as it sounds. That is the primary reason smart business owners, CEOs, and CIOs hire third-party experts in SEO Toronto to help them out. With a touch of expertise, the impossible soon becomes possible for the entire team.

Most small businesses and startups in Toronto do not opt for in-house teams of SEO experts due to the lack of space and hiring capacity. They outsource their SEO needs to specialized teams, who have been “fixing” websites for quite a while. If you are in need of a quick website audit, a new keyword strategy, content overhaul, or a sneak peek at the trending search queries, you should check out SEO services near you in Toronto.

Hiring locally can have many advantages, but the primary one always involves a thorough understanding of the business and the audience. A local company is easy to reach, and you will be able to communicate with them as per your time zone. Besides, a local SEO team will have an extensive list of clients and projects you can readily verify before hiring.

It is a wise decision to adapt to the changing topographies of Google search. The search algorithm keeps changing a little bit every day. Unless you are up-to-date with the small changes today, you will have a difficult time keeping up tomorrow.

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