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WATCH: Rick and Morty x Death Stranding

Here’s a surprising crossover we weren’t expecting at all, a Rick and Morty x Death Stranding animated short to help promote the game directed and overseen by Hideo Kojima.

This video was posted on Adult Swim’s Youtube and Facebook channel and featured the comedic duo traversing a deadly terrain similar to what Norman Reedus’ character Sam Porter Bridges, traverses in the game. Rick Sanchez is also seen accompanying his grandson Morty while wearing this defaul garb of a lab coat and slacks while still brandishing his trademark humor and douchebaggery.


The only difference between the two main characters is the fact that they do something nasty to the baby that they use as a sort of battery for their suit and equipment.

Honestly, this whole Rick and Morty x Death Stranding crossover was a total treat AND a total surprise. It does fit the narrative and show’s high sci-fi appeal but I never anticipated that they would go full-on advertiser-y on the game.

Death Stranding is now out in stores and is playing exclusively for the Playstation 4.

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