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Captain America Punches a Guy so Hard, he punches the Symbiote out of him – Absolute Carnage Avengers # 1

Here’s a quick preview for the upcoming Absolute Carnage tie-in called Absolute Carnage Avengers # 1 by

(W) Leah Williams, Zac Thompson (A) Alberto Alburquerque, Guiu Villanova (CA) Clayton Crain
Years ago, Cletus Kasady used the Carnage symbiote to take over a small town called Doverton, Colorado, as well as the team of Avengers who arrived to stop him! Barely able to free themselves from his control during their first meeting, this small band of heroes will have no choice but to assemble once more after they discover that Doverton’s entire population has recently fallen victim to Carnage’s more lethal designs…
Rated T+
In Shops: Oct 16, 2019
SRP: $4.99

So basically, this entire issue is dedicated to setting up the story of the Avengers joining in on the whole madness created by Kletus Cassidy aka Carnage as he takes over the world with the intention on waking up the god of the symbiotes by getting control of they refer to as the “Codex”. Throughout the main story’s three issue run (so far) we’ve gotten a lot of good moments including The Hulk becoming the new Venom host

So let’s take a look at the preview pages till we get to the good part, Captain America punching the symbiote out of a guy.

Ok fine, that was a bit of an exaggeration as that symbiote hadn’t fully assimilated with that dude Cap punched. Not unlike this classic scene from Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

via Gfycat

Personally, I could pass on this as the story for Absolute Carnage Avengers # 1 seems pretty weak. It does paint a good picture of what Carnage has done during this story arc, even calling in the Avengers and other heroes but not really enough to warrant a pick up.

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