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Mary Elizabeth Winstead is Will Smith’s Ally in “Gemini Man” (Now Showing)

Before she ignites the screen as The Huntress on the highly anticipated DC film Birds of Prey in February 2020, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane) will first join forces with Will Smith in Paramount Pictures’ Gemini Man, in Philippine cinemas October 9.

(Watch the film’s new spot at https://youtu.be/S01HuNyjRRY.)


Gemini Man is an innovative action-thriller starring Smith as Henry Brogan, an elite assassin, who is suddenly targeted and pursued by a mysterious young operative that seemingly can predict his every move. The film is directed by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Ang Lee and produced by renowned producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

The role of Danielle “Danny” Zakarewski, a young, ex-Navy DIA agent who meets Henry Brogan by surveilling him, is portrayed by Winstead, an actress who producer Jerry Bruckheimer calls “one of the most talented and versatile of her generation.”

“We saw Mary in the television version of Fargo,” notes Bruckheimer, “and thought she was an amazing actress, who could embody the kind of agent she plays in the film, someone smart, physical and who the audience comes to care about.”

In Gemini Man, Winstead gets to flex both her acting and physical muscles in a role which demands both. Danny is a straight shooter and a true believer in her country, having served four years with the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet in Bahrain, and the daughter of an FBI agent who died trying to prevent a robbery while off-duty.

“Danny doesn’t really ask questions,” Winstead explains of her character, “she just does her job. She believes that she works for a good organization that wouldn’t go after somebody who hasn’t done something really, really wrong. But she believes that Henry is a good person, and so they end up going on this journey together to figure out what’s going on, and why he’s being targeted.

Gemini Man is a fun ride,” she continues, “The film asks a lot of questions about ourselves, what we believe in, who we are now and who we’re going to be. And because it’s an Ang Lee film, he’s a director who is always asking esoteric questions under the guise of this really fun popcorn action film.”

Winstead was delighted to work with Will Smith. “Working with Will, you’re just surrounded by this positive energy at all times,” she says. “I feel so lucky to be working with somebody like him, who every day comes in and says wow, ‘we’re so lucky to be here making a movie and being in this industry’. It’s really infectious and makes everybody else kind of go hey, yeah, we ARE really lucky to be here! And wow, we’re shooting in all these amazing places. And you just feel that sense of awe just to be a part of something so great. Will infuses every moment with that energy.”

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