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More Dawn of X Variant Covers including Jean Grey by Russell Dauterman

Marvel recently released a look at some additional Dawn of X variant covers including an X-Men cover drawn by Russell Dauterman.

Above you’ll see the various forms of Jean Grey as drawn by Thor artist and War of the Realms’ Russell Dauterman.Below we also have Excalibur, which prominently features Apocalypse who apparently is a good guy now after the events of House of X and Powers of X. There’s also a very British Psyclocke and a recently-returned-to-mutantdom Jubilee.

We also have another X-Men variant cover featuring Wolverine and a few members of the Summers clan, namely Cable and Havok.

And lastly, we also have Rogue and Gambit on a solo cover of their own.

… This is also for Excalibur.

So are the Excalibur team really going to fight symbiotes? That’s badass. And I hope they connect to whatever happens over in Absolute Carnage or with the ongoing Venom book post-Absolute Carnage.

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