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RUMOR: Rey is Palpatine’s Granddaughter

We Got This Covered ran a new post about a juicy rumor for the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and its that Rey is Palpatine’s granddaughter.

Take this with a grain of salt at the moment but apparently, the JJ Abrams-helmed film will revolve around Emperor Palpatine/ Darth Sidious trying to seduce his “granddaughter” to join him in the Dark Side of the Force. This will kind of explain why the heroes of this new trilogy are surveying the remains of the Death Star, where Palpatine was believed to have perished.

Check out the trailer for “Rise of Skywalker” below:


This will also explain the Dark Rey appearance from the second trailer which was released a few weeks ago…

Ultimately, good triumphs over evil and Rey is rumored to ditch her grandfather and adopts the name “Skywalker”. It’s also reported that her story ends in Luke Skywalker’s old homestead in Tatooine, thereby closing the loop of the Skywalker saga.

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