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One of the Bae Presscon Takeaways

Recently attended a special presscon for upcoming GMA shows including the show One of the Baes starring “My Special Tatay” love team of Ken Chan and Rita Daniela.

  • Ken Chan and Rita loved working with Roderick Paulate, was surprised that he did research on them.
  • Jelai Andres almost drowned in one scene but was happy with the experience.
  • Ken will play a vlogger who travels the country, and also hoping to find the one.
  • Its called a “Millennial Fairy Tale” because of the age group and the old-school beliefs of finding the one.
  • Most of the cast had problems with the waters, partly because of the pollution and also because of the weather conditions.
  • Most of the cast members who plays seafarers went through the training. Rita Daniela also commented on how she felt for the real seafarers who go through hell to earn an income to send their family.
  • EA Guzman enjoyed his role as a bad guy and its far different from Dragom Lady.
  • Jelay Andres and Joyce Pring plays two characters who are set to give Daniela’s character Jowa a hard time throughout the series.

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