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First Look at What If? featuring Peggy Carter as Captain Britain

One of the stories that would be featured for Disney+ under the Marvel Studios banner is the What If? series and we have our first look at that animated series featuring Peggy Carter as Captain Britain.

So in this story, its Peggy Carter who gets the Super Soldier Serum and the Vita Rays treatment instead of Steve Rogers.

The series will then examine what will happen to the world and to the MCU events with Carter taking Steve Rogers’ place as Captain Britain instead of Captain America.

Reports suggest that Hayley Atwell will be lending her voice for this Disney+ project. We still don’t know who would return for this interesting projects. Its also reported that the respective actors and actresses will also appear in their episodes. That means if its a Thor What If story then expect to hear Chris Hemsworth playing the role of Thor.

The What If stories are nothing new for comic books. Its been an on and off project for decades. These days What If stories are spun around a specific event or story arc i.e. Civil War or House of M.

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