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Teagan Croft Teases New Look for Raven for Titans season 2

Actress Teagan Croft who plays Rachel Roth aka Raven has shared a closer look at Raven for Titans season 2.

Its actually rather subtle and itd actually her color of her hair as well as that ruby on her forehead.

What’s not sure right now is whether or not the ruby or that gem contains. In the books and the recent Justice League vs Teen Titans animated feature, we find Raven capturing her father Trigon as a means to stip him from taking over the world.

In this series though, we see Trigon showing his influence on several members of this fledgling team including Robin and Raven.

We recently did get a new Titans season 2 trailer which featured a lot of new characters like Superboy, Deathstroke and more.

Titans season 2 will be coming to DC Universe streaming service and on Netflix here in the Philippines.

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