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After the Wedding Review

Thefanboyseo.com offers up its After the Wedding review which stars Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams and Billy Crudup. The film was directed by Bart Fruendlich. It opens August 14 in theaters distributed locally by Go Asia Entertainment.

This family drama was surprisingly engaging to say the least. Its a decent drama with good amount of characterization and a few heavy moments. This is also a remake of 2009 film which stars Mads Mikkelsen.

The premise was simple and felt very much like a standard Filipino movie. And I am saying this with the utmost respect for the genre.

Without spoiling the film, let me do this After the Wedding review and help you decide whether its something you should watch or skip. Quick answer to that is its something you can watch next week.

Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams brings their A-game in terms of acting. Although the script and the story doesn’t stretch their acting abilities to the limit, you can still see why these two are Hollywood A-listers. Moore though has more meat in this story and the last scene with her on it was powerful, really conveyed the message.

Billy Crudup plays Doctor Manhattan Oscar, Moore’s onscreen husband to the perfection. I’m sure the script called for a reserved and quiet man which is perfect for the actor. But as we careen towards the film’s third act, we see him slowly shed his inhibitions and reservations and bare his soul. In the end though, he is just a man and watches his life change in front of him.

The story and the pacing is just about right for the material. Although if you watch the original version with Mads Mikkelsen, there are some big changes. Did that ruin the story? In my opinion, it did not. Circling back to the acting skills the two leads have, it made it more compelling.

The last moment of the film, set in India, definitely helps strengthen the case of how drastic the lives of the characters have changed “After the wedding”, which I found really smart. I was going like “ahhhh” so that’s why it’s titled as such.


  • Great acting from the three main leads
  • Compelling story
  • OK cinematography and visuals
  • Music used was interesting choices
  • Underutilized stars especially in the case of Michelle Williams

After the Wedding Review – The Verdict


Recommending this for couples who want a more realistic love story, parents and even young adults who are currently in the crossroads of their lives.

Special thanks to Go Asia Entertainment for the screening passes.


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