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The King’s Man Teaser Trailer

Here’s our first look at the upcoming The King’s Man teaser trailer, a prequel to the two Kingsman movies from 20th Century Fox. This time the film stars Ralph Fiennes.

You can watch the trailer below

If you know your Kingsman lore or seen the movie enough number of times, you’ll know the history of this secret service organization. They got their funding after the war, when all the noble houses were left without heirs because these men all died in the battlefield. With the immense wealth they have, they founded the organization and have been using everything to save world.

And while we won’t see Harry Hart or Eggsy here, the franchise looks to be more exciting and darker as opposed to the last two movies which starred Rocketman‘s Taron Egerton.

Just look at the villain here alone, that’s Gregori Rasputin for crissakes…

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