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Starbucks PH now has Restroom Code to make sure only customers use the bathroom

Ever taken a quick bathroom break in a Starbucks store? Convenient right? Thst’s apparently about to change as Starbucks will be introducing restroom codes for customers.

This photo was taken and share online by Aida Baltazar who also wrote on her account:

This receipt is from Starbucks Trinoma. I’m sharing it to call attention to the #RestroomCode highlighted in yellow by the store cashier. You need this code to use the restroom. Yup, the Starbucks toilet has a password. You can’t use the toilet without it. Even if the line at the counter is long and you think you’d use the toilet first and buy your drink after, the Starbucks security guard has been instructed by Starbucks management to guard the toilet and advise you that you have to make a purchase first so you can get your receipt with the security code. Poor fella has to deal with annoyed customers. Starbucks invested in the security system. I’m sure they have a reason for it. Possibly to discourage non customers from, heaven forbid, using the Starbucks toilet. It’s their store. One would think that if Starbucks sells coffee for at least $3 a cup, they might be able to absorb the operational expense of a passcode-free toilet.
Starbucks Philippines this kind of store policy doesn’t “inspire and nurture the human spirit”

Here’s a screenshot too as we open the floodgate for #RestroomCode

Like Aida, I agree that its their store and their rules. But its kinda sad that they want to make bathrooms exclusive for their customers. Parang, what if you’re in an emergency and the SB is the only one that you have access to? Pano na? Dun ka jumebs sa dulo ng building.

Hoping to hear news from Starbucks PH from their social media accounts. Doesnt matter whether they justify or change their tone on #RestroomCode.

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