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4 Things We Need in a Brightburn Sequel

James Gunn’s awesome evil Superman movie Brightburn aka Brightburn: Son of Evil was exceptionally good and while it did not end well for most of the characters in the film except for Brandon Bryer, we get to see a world that will be eventually taken over by the being known as Brightburn. Here are 4 things we need in a Brightburn sequel.


So before we continue, we will be tackling a lot of spoilers here so be wary if you haven’t seen the creepy film produced by the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad director.

4. Brightburn’s homeworld

That eerie red glow from the barnyard that the “turns on” Brandon into the murdering version of the Man of Steel is something that really piques my interest. Who are these guys? What’s their MO? Why did they send Brandon to Earth in the first place? This was never revealed in the movie but hopefully we get to see more of this unravelled in a Brightburn sequel.

3. The aftermath of the first movie

There’s just so many places the sequel could go. For one, they could start directly after the events of the first movie or to be specific just right after the murder of Tori (Elizabeth Banks) at the hands of her adopted son Brandon. We could follow the titular bad guy as he goes through life free of the burdens of his “family” and following the voices on his head who has been telling him to “Take the World”. Or we could go and watch a major timeskip and she him rise to power and become the superpowered dictator he was destined to be.

2. The Rise of a Good Lex Luthor

Why not stretch this out a bit and watch a sequel where we see a Lex Luthor archetype growing up in a world where Brightburn has taken over. This Luthor could either go be somebody that has technological skills and know-how and could prove to be the best solution against Brightburn and his evil intentions.

1. Evil Justice League

By the end of the first movie, we see the mention of other superpowered, murderous beings also amassing a bodycount all around the world. The sequel could actually be another movie entirely, probably exploring the story of these other powered beings and how they came to be. A Batman analogy could be another good movie to see or at this point, even a Wonder Woman.

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