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Black Adam Being Teased in Shazam Deleted Scene

Warner Bros Pictures and DC Comics has recently released a new deleted scene with the character Black Adam being teased.

In the scene, we find the seven members of the Shazam family, led by Zachary Levi’s Shazam taking the center throne and inviting his family, to sit down as well. As they all take their seats, the family members notice that there is one vacant spot. Darla tells the rest of the family that she will love the person no matter who becomes the seventh member of the family, because he or she is family.

The camera then ominously zooms out.

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I really liked the way Black Adam being teased within the context of the movie was. It’s really a shame that they did not add this in the final theatrical release. In fact, if you watch the film directed by David Sandberg, you’ll notice that they did not mention or reference Black Adam at all. But hey, Dwayne Johnson still says that the movie is still a go and let’s take his word for it because he’s The Rock :P. Also, they recently announced a new director for the project.

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