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REVIEW: Vivo V15

Is Vivo’s current flagship phone, something to get or is it something that you can just skip? Here’s my review for the Vivo V15. The smartphone is currently available in stores nationwide and retails for PHP17,999.

Vivo v15 review

The flagship phone from Vivo is one for the books. It has everything you’ve come to expect from a Vivo phone and then some.

For starters, I love the fact that the phone is light both literally and figuratively. Only when you pop in the casing, is where you feel any form of “weight” on the phone.

The display is pretty big and that’s a good thing for me because I love watching Youtube videos and playing games on devices with big displays. The display is 6.53 inches and comes in standard LCD with capacitive touchscreen functions.

Vivo v15 display

There’s also a Google Smart button on the left side of the phone for all things Google. Currently, it looks OK and seemlessly blends well with the phone.

The volume and power buttons are conveniently placed on the right side of the phone. And the great thing is that both sets of buttons are spaced just right making it easy to go do things including taking screenshots.

The V15’s pop up camera is also one of the new designs implemented for this flagship…

The front camera is the pop up one and it takes beautiful selfies and has better resolution when you do your Facetime calls. I feel weird though using the camera because its jutting out of the phone.

Vivo v15 review thefanboyseo

This could be a potential problem especially if buyers have kids and they like to grab things. This happened a number of times to me during review of the unit.

The good thing about is that its built to withstand pressure and damage. It wears out at around a million pops, which no person can do in their lifetimes. And maybe if you do reach that point, a new flagship phone from Vivo may already be out in the market.


The review unit we got featured 6GB RAM and had the Funtouch OS that Vivo uses for all their phones.

The phone’s UI and UX is fairly simple. Like other Vivo phones, everything’s in the main screeb but you can use the folders to compartamentalize if you want. I personally want it as messy as is.

If you’re coming from a different phone brand or model, you may be confused with some stuff like adjustments for brightness and volume can be accessed when you swipe up rather than down.

Notifications for apps are still found when you swipe down though.


I put the Vivo V15 through a number of tests and here are the very promising results.


And here’s a bonus segment for device verification.

Next we have Geekbench scores…



Here’s a look at the output for the Vivo V15’s camera.

Shot on regular settings with the vivo v15


Vivo v15 night mode review

Shot using the vivo v15 night mode


Vivo v15 review thefanboyseo night mode

Shot using the vivo v15 night mode

I’m pretty happy with the output this phone brings to the rable. Expect good shots with this smartphone at an incredibly awesome price point.

Here are a few more photos from the front camera.

Regular Front Camera

AI Beauty Selfie mode


Just like photos, the camera also shoots quality videos with an output of 1920×1080 @ 30 fps by default. Really enjoyed taking videos with the phone’s camera.



The Vivo V15 is such a beautiful phone. There’s so many good stuff that comes with it led by the price point. At P17,999 there’s a lot of things you can do. It’s got clear and bright screens, intuitive controls and user experience. Gaming is a breeze, rarely heats up and the battery for this bad boy is satisfying. The sound quality is great and wi-fi works well. The design is addictive to touch.

The only real concern is the pop-up camera. It’s not a major concern but it feels “different” to have a pop-up front camera that will take good selfies with the 32 megapixel front camera. It takes crystal clear selfies and more.


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    Vivo is definitely a promising brand to watch out for more developments.

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