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According to Barney Stinson from ‘How I Met Your Mother’, an employee must have a thing to offer in a company that no one else does to be considered valuable. You must be an asset (like Food Guy, who became a regular employee for bringing everyone delicious food in the office every day) so without you, the office wouldn’t feel the same.

However, every office tells a different story—from the guy who annoyingly talks too loud (enough for the whole pantry to hear) about John Wick 3 spoilers but continuously miss his deadlines to the boss who takes all the credit on a business plan you have been pouring your remaining brain cells out for weeks. These kinds of colleagues are all over different office settings that will drain your long patience and self-control.

But there are also officemates who become ‘The-Ones-We-Go-To’ for everything. Those we ask from the simplest of things like a staple restock to some of the most confidential ones such as data records. If you have been in the corporate world for some time now, you’ve probably figured out who we’re talking about. Otherwise, we’ve wrapped up who these go-to people are who bring solutions to almost every problem in the office:

The one with the list. Ever wonder who keeps track of all the times you’ve been late because of EDSA traffic? Or how does the pantry gets magically restocked just in time for Petsa de Peligro? Apparently, somebody does have a list of every single thing in the office. They are in charge of who borrows-which, who comes early or late, and who doesn’t even come to the office at all.

So don’t feel bad if you still have to fill up a borrower’s form for the projector next meeting, their job is not only to track what’s inside the office but also to keep it. If there’s a missing thing on the list, no matter how small it is, it’s on them. They are the one who makes sure that the office is equipped to function. Pro tip: they are also the go-to person whenever you want something on the pantry list.

The one who reports. This one looks all too familiar—coffee induced, intense eye-to-eye with the computer screen, a pile of papers on the desk and a telephone on hand—possibly up since last night to attend a client call overseas. They’re either doing reports or passing them to the big boss. They manage the schedules of every employee, day-shift to night-shift.

This person knows how the business of the company works the most because they report directly to the bosses to do errands for them. They handle your pay slips as well. Although they may look unapproachable, they are the ones to go to whenever you need insights on a report you’re working on—given that they don’t have a lot of work on their plate. If this doesn’t scream big power energy to you, I don’t know what will. Pro tip: They’re suckers for coffee.

The one with the tea. Conflicts in the office are unavoidable. This may root from that guy who likes snatching everyone’s ideas, to the newly-hired who is not fit for his current role, to the general manager who shouts at everyone and embarrasses employees. Yikes.


There’s got to be a middle man especially when voices are already being raised and the office ambiance feels like a swirling pool of toxicity. This is when the mother-figure of the office comes thru to sort things out. The one who knows all the office drama but is logical enough to be able to patch things up. The one in charge of the employees’ relationships provides short-term and long-term solutions to these conflicts, either big or small. They also handle the benefits and incentives of everyone in the office. S/he is the Gabby Salazar of each office. Pro tip: They give good advices!

The one who knows everyone. If there is a work dilemma we’ve all encountered, it’s our first day in a new office. We don’t know what to really expect. We know no one. We’ve all had crumbly legs while in the elevator, hoping we won’t do anything stupid. Work adjustment stage is hard. You’ve got to know who your colleagues are and at the same time familiarize yourself with how the company works. But we’ve all been guided by someone. It can be the one who accompanied you on our first-day lunch. Or your desk-mate, whom you have the same TV series preferences with.

When we were introduced table by table, it doesn’t really stop there, does it? Soon you’ll get to know how the company works after knowing who these people are. Things like, ‘Who is it working for?’ ‘How does it become successful to last this long?’. Then you’ll realize that billionaires will not be able to manage a business with just their money alone. They need their people and of course, a dependable process.


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