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Game of Thrones The Long Night Funko Pop with Arya Stark and the Night King Funko Pops

Coming out soon, here’s a look at the Game of Thrones Funko Pop figures featuring Arya Stark and her look during “The Long Night” as well as the Night King.

Of course by this time, we already know what happened in that episode.


In the third episode of the eight season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, the good guys band together to stop the advancing army of the White Walkers led by the mysterious Night King. As wave after wave of dead crash into the stronghold known as Winterfell and the heroes slowly die one by one, the Night King manages to make his way into the heart of Winterfell where his target, Bran Stark, awaits. Before he can put his hands of the new three-eyed raven, Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) attacks. He stops her dead on her track but the former member of the Faceless Men manages to stab the Night King with her Valyrian steel dagger.

The Night King dies and so does the armada of invading dead.

You can read up on my thoughts on that issue too HERE.

Meanwhile, no release date has been announced for these two Game of Thrones Funko Pops but you can be sure its near.

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