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Game of Thrones Fans are trying to prove Jon Snow was helping Arya Stark in “The Long Night”

Apparently, there are fans who are trying to prove Jon Snow was helping Arya Stark in Game of Thrones S8E3 “The Long Night” and they are actually giving some good reasonings with their arguments too.

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So in that episode, many fans are calling out Kit Harrington’s character Jon Snow for being “useless” during the episodes final moments. He has been trying to get to his brother (really his cousin) Bran Stark who was about to be attacked by the Night King. Jon however couldn’t get past the King’s ice dragon (formerly Viserion) leaving many viewers to think that he just kept screaming at the dragon while Arya did the Night King in.

Well, there are evidences that suggest that prove Jon Snow was helping Arya Stark in those moments and that was posted initially on Reddit and then on Facebook. Below you’ll read the basic premise of that theory.

And it does make sense too. HBO’s captions for this week’s episode never really did let viewers know what the former king of the north was shouting at the dragon while the Night King was slowly inching towards Bran. There are screenshots that just says “Screaming” while Jon was saying something.

And that something was apparently “Go. Goooooooooo”. This sets up the belief that Jon intentionally stayed to distract the dragon so Arya could proceed.

If you read the second paragraph, the Redditor also pointed out that one of the Night King’s general’s hair just blew up as if a quick wind passed by.

For this one, it falls on the dark contrast the episode had. It’s actually one of the main controversies and topics surrounding the latest issue of ‘Thrones’.

Here’s an additional insight.

So what do you guys think? Will this reddit post change your opinion of Jon Snow’s involvement with the death of the Night King? Did he really play decoy so Arya could dive in for the kill?

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