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Uncanny X-Men # 16 Spoilers – two mutant deaths, New Members and a Face Turn

Uncanny X-Men # 16 continues to up the drama for the remaining mutants living on Earth and we discover some terrible new status quos for a number of surviving mutants. Damn this book is fast becoming Marvel’s Game of Thrones for the number of character deaths and shakeups.

This issue was done by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Salvador Larroca. Major spoilers here so…

The Juggernaut returns to the scene…

… and he’s not alone as he’s also with Magneto together with a reformed Brotherhood of Evil Mutant.

Cyclops and the X-Men quickly respond to this incident with an updated list of members with new additions Hope Summers and Banshee. If you remember, Hope was also responsible for her “grandfather” losing his eye.

Only its also not the real Magneto because the real one was still stuck in this reality that X-Man created aka Age of X-Man. Thanks to Karma scanning Magneto’s head, Cyclops finds out that he is actually dealing with Joseph, Magneto’s younger clone.

With all of them incapacitated after Magneto’s attack, Karma makes a good argument with Joseph. Only he thinks that monologue is for him…

Juggernaut turns face after this deception and subdues Joseph.

And while that was happening, somebody decided to behead him…

and it was revealed to be Kwannon, the assassin who once swapped bodies with Psylocke.

But really before the team could do anything about Kwannon murdering “Magneto”, Mirage aka Dani Moonstar is interrupted by a psionic pain as she screams that…

Wolfsbane is dead

So yeah, where was Wolfsbane in all this action?

She quit the team after Cyclops’ stepped down as team leader and gave them democracy to decide on things. And we haven’t seen her since. But apparently its revealed that she was killed off panel and off page.

So is this going to be permanent much like what they did to Blindfold a few issues back?

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