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5 Reasons Namor Needs to be in the MCU ASAP!

The other day, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson posted a cryptic message on his Twitter account featuring Namor the Submariner, leading people to speculate on whether the prince of Atlantis is set to appear in Doctor Strange 2.


So rather than add more to the speculating crowd, let’s examine WHY Namor needs to be in the MCU ASAP. Here are 5 Reasons Namor Needs to be in the MCU ASAP!

  1. He opens yet another new world. 

Namor versus the monster of the mind gem

Yes, let’s start with the very obvious. Namor appearing in the MCU will be very coincidental with the huge success of DC’s Aquaman. There are obvious comparisons, but if you knew the Marvel character, it would end with just “they both rule and they both are underwater characters”. He works underwater sure, but he can certainly hold his own on land. Unlike Aquaman, but more like Oceanmaster, Namor has tried to take the surface world a number of times. The Marvel ocean is vast and it could be a new playground for the characters moving past Phase 4.

2. He’s an Avenger, A Defender, an X-Man

Don’t discount the fact that Namor the Submariner has also been a member of various teams in the Marvel universe. He’s been an Avenger…

… a Defender…

… and an X-Man


And just all three superteams, he’s been an off-again,-on-again member. With the X-Men alone, he’s been a member of Cyclops’ team, Emma Frost’s “Dark X-Men” and recently Jean Grey’s X-Men Red team.

This makes his an interesting character to book all around. He’ll also be a fine anchor point if Marvel Studios really wants to bring in the X-Men and the Fantastic Four into the MCU.

3. He’s a Villain and a Hero

One thing about Namor is that he’s a flexible character. He could be the most gallant hero there is or the biggest asshole. Currently, in Jason Aaron’s Avengers run, he’s portrayed as a gray colored. Some see him as a hero while others think he’s a bad guy. And the best thing about this is the fact that he can work extremely well as either. During his run with the Uncanny X-Men he was a good guy, opting to help the X-Tinction team in various missions.

And then during AvX, he gets powered up by the Phoenix Force and becomes a baddie.

So you can see, the writers and creative teams can go all over the place with Namor. And because Marvel Studios recently found out that its not cool to kill their “villains”, this guy has a stay of execution.

4. Deep ties to the Fantastic Four

There’s a lot of fan speculation that the Fantastic Four will take center stage for Phase 5 onwards. As a Fan, I’m quite happy with that. And if you want to pull off the Fantastic Four, you need good villains. Doctor Doom is one of them. Namor is another. He’s an enemy and a sometime ally all while the Submariner covets Reed Richards’ wife and the most powerful member of the team, Sue Richards aka Invisible Woman.

This makes him a good character to add to you “love to hate” list.

5. Feud with Black Panther

Not leaving the Avengers side, they could also explore Wakanda and Atlantis’ war if they feel like it. The two monarchs have clashed at various times of ideologies and moral matters. T’challa is more mild mannered and level headed whil Namor is impassioned. The Panther also looks for the option that saves more lives while Namor looks for the option where he and his people come out on top. This would make for an interesting scene in the big screen should Marvel go with their plans to Introduce Namor via Doctor Strange 2.

Here’s to seeing Namor the Submariner soon in the MCU.

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