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More Merch Photos of Avengers in their Quantum Realm Suits

We already featured Avengers Endgame LEGO sets and Funko Pop Tony Stark in his Quantum Realm suit, so why not go all out with more Avengers Endgame Merch featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in their Quantum Realm suit.


This is actually the back of the Stark quantum suit Pop and we have a lot of characters to pick out. Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Ronin, War Machine, Nebula, Captain Marvel, Thanos, Black Widow and Ant-Man are all accounted for.

Of course, this could just be the first wave of characters.

There’s also the leaked popcorn bucket design featuring all the surviving Avengers getting ready for War.

And we did mention LEGO right. The first post didn’t give a closeup for the Ultimate Quinjet set so we now have that posted here.

Avengers Endgame is slated for release April 2019 from Marvel Studios.

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