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Shazam Shares His Powers with His Family

In the Shazam story that Geoff Johns and Gary Frank released back in 2013, we find a lot of cool comic book moments, but none was cooler than that moment when Shazam shares his powers with his family.

The best place to start this story is around the middle, with Billy Batson being given the power of the wizard Shazam and then bonding with his new “brother” Freddie Freeman (who I like to call Elvis before his look was retconned and his whole monicker as Captain Marvel Jr. was ditched by the New 52). It’s also this time that Black Adam had made contact with Dr. Sivana (the film’s main protagonist) and then starting a fight with Shazam *cough cough* Captain Marvel *cough cough*

At this point in the story, Billy had reverted back to his mortal form to escape Black Adam, who was tracking him thanks to Adam’s connection with the living lightning.

So while Billy was escaping Black Adam, Freddie reveals the identity of Shazam to his foster siblings…

… and they decide to look for him and try to help Billy out in anyway possible.

I can already see this scene happening in the Shazam movie…

There’s also this crazy subplot where Dr. Sivana teams up with Black Adam and the very-much-free Seven Deadly Sins as they look for Shazam in Fawcett City. But we’ll look at that some other time.

Meanwhile, the kids try to make for the Rock of Eternity led by Batson.


The mystery reflection tried to tell Batson a story, the origin of Black Adam, but the boy is so presumptuous that he thinks he can talk Black Adam into surrendering, appealing to the kid in him. Sadly, that was not the case. There’s a lot more pages to cover but that’s reserved for the New 52 Black Adam feature.

So when we get back, Adam gets Billy and covers his mouth to stop him from transforming. The other kids manage to hit Adam with a truck which breaks his hold of Billy Batson. Batson transforms back to Shazam…

Again, I can see this happening in the movie with Mark Strong’s Sivana taking over Black Adam’s place as the main antagonist together with the Seven Deadly Sins.

It was never really laid out that there was a secret spell but you kinda get it thanks to the dialogue between the Wizard and Billy. So I guess thats how he knew he could share the powers. I guess?

When the flash stops, all of Billy’s foster siblings have been transformed too. Eugene, Freddie, Mary, Darla and Pedro.

And as we’ll find out later in the books, each of the siblings gets their own specific powers because SHAZAM is also an acronym for several notable mythical characters.

Oh right.

Let’s do a rundown:

S- Wisdon of Solomon

H- Strength of Hercules

A – Stamina of Atlas

Z- Power of Zeus

A – Courage of Achilles

M – Speed of Mercury

In their powered up forms, they decide to gang up on Black Adam and stop his violent tantrum.

That wraps up this particular story time where Shazam shares his powers with his family. We still have a lot to cover for Shazam such as his first meeting with the Wizard, Black Adam’s New 52 Origins and more.

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