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Amajiki Tamaki reveals his Quirk

Here’s a quick look at a cool moment from My Hero Academia particularly on one of the members of the so-called Big Three, Amajiki Tamaki aka Sun Eater.

The reveal happens when Amajiki was in patrol together with the Pro hero Fat Gum. During their patrol they respond to a situation and when the superpowered perps try to flee, Fat Gum is there to gather most of them.

One of the perps manages to escape because of his quirk and that’d when the member of UA High’s Big Three springs into action.

When one of the culprits escape the clutches of Fat Gum, Sun Eater intercepts. Readers then get to see him slowly reveal his quirk.

A quick called reappearance. Its changing your body parts based on the food you eat. That’s his power.

Interesting choices for food too as he considers clams to be a good source of defensive and offensive moves. There’s also a bit of KFC chicken in there for good measure.

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