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4 Fun Things to do while Shopping at MC Home Depot

Shopping for home furnishings and equipment doesn’t have to be boring especially in a place like MC Home Depot.

Here are 4 fun things to do while shopping at MC Home Depot.


If you want to go and be vain (because who doesnt) then you can go and take a bunch of selfies around the store. There’s no limit to what you can do there and as long as you’re not beinf obnoxious, you can go ane be creative with your selfies.


Doing a TikTok video is common these days. The platform pushes the envelop in terms of creativity. You can recreate famous scenes from movies or even do your own short music video parody.


If you’re into vlogging, you may want to go to your nearest MC Home Depot (in BGC or even one in Pasay) and do a vlog episode of what people can expect to get out of visiting the store. You vlog can go. And the fun thing is you can do your vlog episode in a variety of ways and in a number of approaches.You can do a Vlog and make it feel like an instructional video or more akin to a travel vlog if you so wish it.


If you’re on your way to become the next PewDiePie, you may want to do a video or two of what you can see in an MC Home Depot store. This could include the diffefent home products thats exclusive to the store, or the great prices for various items.

You can also talk about the sheer size of the store they have in Taguig.Show your viewers what to expect when they enter and then you could also be more picky and align with your YouTube channel’s main niche.

So there you go, 4 fun things you can do while shopping at MC Home Depot.

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