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Black Panther Assembles the Agents of Wakanda (Avengers # 12)

Skipping Avengers # 13 this week because its just a one shot of the Iron Fist from Avengers BC. So rather than be Avengers-less this week, we go back to issue 12 and meet Black Panther’s agents called the Agents of Wakanda.

The cover isnt the conplete roster but they are the more interesting or powerful ones. Including Ka-Zar. You judt don’t mess with Kevin Plunder you hear?

In this issue, T’Challa pulls back thr veil and reveals most of his hand-picked agents who will work as Avengers support team and intel gatherers.

For starters he brings back Jarvis to supervise things in Avengers Mountain. Next he also recruits Ken Hale aka Gorilla Man.

Love that he’s intel and weapons.

T’Challa also recruited the original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne as recon and extraction and also intel.

And if you read Avengers 700, you know that she was tadked with getting information on the brewing vampire war in Transylvania. She also rescues another potential and unconfirmed member, Morbius the Living Vampire…

On their way back to Earth, they were ambushed by a bunch of vampires. Good thing T’Challa also called in another monster, John Jameson aka Man-Wolf.

In order to keep things in order with the Avengers Mountain supercomputer, they also added in former Xavier student Broo. Broo, of course, is a creation of Avengers writer Jason Aaron.

This wouldn’t be a Black Panther operation without a field leader and for this iteration, we have Okoye. In Avengers # 12

Another interesting member of Black Panther’s operatives is lord Kevin Plunder aka Ka-Zar, who is a badass in this panel below.

“with nothing but a knife and a loincloth”.

To complete his team of specialists in Avengers # 12, T’Challa also brought in Dr. Nemesis, Fat Cobra (from the Iron Fist books) and American Eagle (from Occupy Avengers).

And going back to the vampire civil war, Panther opts to add a new member to the Avengers, Blade.

And since T’Challa isn’t really all knowing and all seeing, he requests Odin to be part of his team as a consultant. How badass is that.

And they also have Roz Solomon from the Thor books in here. She’s definitely going to be key character for the upcoming War of the Realms.

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