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Bird Box Review

Here’s my review for the film Bird Box which stars Sandra Bullock and directed by Susanne Bier. Now streaming on Netflix.

The movie is based on the story/ novel by Josh Malerman. In it, Bullock plays Mallory, a pregnant woman who managed to survive what was revealed to be supernatural attack on humanity that decimated the world’s population. The story spans a few years between Day 0 and up until the end of Mallory’s story.

The film also features Trevante Rhodes, Jacki Weaver, Rosa Salazar, Lil Rel Howery, BD Wong, Sarah Paulson and John Malkovich.

So is the film worth the hype that it generated? Or the memes? It looks like the answer is so-so to be honest.

Bird Box has a good balance of good scares and creepy moments but its not really enough to make you go crazy. Sure there’s some tension building with bits of survival horror all throughout the film but I really feel that its not up to par with other excellent suspense/ horror films released before this.

You may encounter some people call “Bird Box” on the same level as A Quiet Place but don’t believe them. It’s not. “Place” had a sense of mystery and built up the loss to insane levels. “Bird Box” did not reach the same levels.

Sandra Bullock was the real star of the movie and she definitely carried the film on her back. John Malkovich was OK and the other cast were so-so. Even the “bad guys” weren’t so menacing, with most of them just acting as fodder to move the story to where it needs to be. There was even one moment where Rosa Salazar (Alita Battle Angel) and Machine Gun Kelly (yes, that MGK) where flirting. But what the hell are they even doing? They weren’t worth-caring and their comeuppance never happens, which is something that may have rescued their “worthlessness”.

The movie manages to meet the level of excitement and suspense as the novel it was lifted from. But not enough to really push it to something that’s worth an Oscar.

I’m honestly bummed that we never get to see “The Creature” that terrorized Mallory, Girl and Boy. I would have been OK if we even see a glimpse. Not a full view, just something that would the imagination going.

Still the shock factor and the gore factor is something worth seeing. Don’t expect it to creep you out too much but its definitely worth seeing for the story and the suspense. And because everybody these days doesn’t want to experience FOMO.

Bird Box Review Verdict


  • Stellar acting by Bullock
  • Shock value is present as always
  • Interesting plot points
  • Weaker acting from other cast
  • Could have done better with an actual monster
  • You can see why there were comparisons to “A Quiet Place” and “The Happening”.
  • Worth watching at least once

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