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Gamestop My Hero Academia Funko Box to include Endeavor and Baby Deku

If you have the budget for cool My Hero Academia stuff then you may want to look for stores that will offer to get you this cool My Hero Academia Funko Box from Gamestop.

The set will feature a lot of cool stuff aside from two limited edition Funko Pops. The box has 1 pin featuring Shoto Todoroki, 1 All Might pen and 1 Bakugo key chain.

But the main pull for MHA fans and Funko collectors alike would be the actual figures that come along with the box. The two figures that come along with this box are Enji Todoroki aka Endeavor and “baby Deku”.

Endeavor, or at least this version, will feature the Number 2 hero in his fiery glory plus his standard pose. Baby Deku is a smaller figure with the series protagonist wearing his All Might onesie.

The Gamestop My Hero Academia Funko Box is now available on ore-order on the Gamestop website for $30. It will be released February 2019.

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