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Its a New Day for Xavier Woods in Manila! Here are Some of the Cool Stories We Learned

Put your hands together, WWE Universe: A New Day is coming to Manila!

I’d like to share some of the awesome stuff we learned during his media round table which was held at the Shangri-La at the Fort last November 30.

But before that what do we know about the 5’11, Atlanta native. He’s currently earning his Ph.D is educational psychology in addition to his two bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in psychology as well. He’s definitely not your average superstar too; and don’t be put off by his off-key trombone bleating. Apart from his educational badassery, Woods is also a multiple WWE Tag Team Champion together with his buddies Big E and Kofi Kingston. His last visit was back in 2016 where he and the rest of the New Day defended their title in a triple threat match. Lastly, he’s also known as the host of the YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown. Woods also received a Guinness World Record for the “Most Subscribed to Celebrity Video Game Channel”.

So here are some of the things he shared and talked about during that hour-long meeting:

  • He feels lucky to be doing what he’s doing with the WWE and the New Day. He’s also using the platform to be propelled to the gaming community. He’s actually preparing to transition from pro-wrestling to something he loves, which is gaming.
  • He thinks e-sports is awesome. He loves the community. He wants people to understand that it creates bonds rather than friction for people.
  • When asked how he feels about doing “UpUpDownDown” with heels and face. He’s saying that 2018 and its different now. He’s proud of his channel that faces and heels get to share a moment on gaming. He also wants to stress that the superstars who don’t get to be seen much gets a chance to be seen by fans. It makes them human and makes themr relatable. That’s what he’s really happy about his YouTube channel.
  • I also asked him which superstar he would like to influence, not just guest on his show, and starts telling a story of how he had Chad Gable and Justin Jordan play a game on the show two years ago; the game was Mortal Kombat and Woods was surprised that Gable actually knew how to use Stryker’s Friendship.

  • Going back to his question, he really wants Mike Bennet to get into gaming. He knows his peer is a talented star. He wants to see that same level of brilliance when playing video games.
  • He also talked about his involvement in the Special Olympics. He’s quite happy with his interaction although he admits that he sucked at basketball. He tells the story of talking to kids and telling them “Us coming in talking to you is so much cooler than us getting to wrestle.” to which the kids go “what?” His main point though is the power of influence. Having your idol or somebody you look up to be there for you and give you those words of encouragement will do a lot.
  • During the interview, we also get to talk about the origins of the pancakes and the unicorns which made the New Day such an interesting trio.
  • Tees were also something that they were very particular about. They wanted to be different from most generic wrestling shirts. They wanted theirs to have pancakes and unicorns. They wanted to be accessible for people who are not fans.They want to make them pickup the shirts and generate interest.
  • Woods was also asked who would like to cosplay in the future (i.e. for conventions), he wants to do Knights, a Sega Saturn game. He admits its weird and its an obscure title too.
  • On the topic of Salty moments off camera for “UpUpDownDown”. He talks about backstage shenanigans where they did a Madden tournament with the second placer getting a “chop”. Unfortunately for them, the wrestler who got second place was somebody you dont want to mess with.

Plesse subscribe to the YouTube channel to watch the entirety of the interview. Click HERE.

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