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PayMaya to Launch their own Loan Service

Checking PayMaya last night and it looks like they will be doing their own loan service within the app.

Their main competitor GCash has launched GCredit for sometime now and has been met with success. I for one use GCredit on Wendy’s specifically because the fastfood only accepts this, and they kinda have a pricier menu.

So if you have the PayMaya app on your smartphones, you may see this…

This depends on the version you have running on your phone.

When you click that, you get to this screen.

So far only the Beta Program members can use the service. If I took an educated guess, we’ll probably get this service before the end of the first quarter of 2019.

We’ll try to get some quotes from PayMaya on this exciting development.

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  1. Mii says:

    I saw a loan option on my paymaya acct. it has 0.30% interest rate…

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