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The Geekkery Cable Review

Today we’re doing a review for The Geekkery cables which you can order now from Poundit.com.

Again, you can get this from Poundit.com and it’s not only affordable, it’s also tough and durable.

The Geekkery cables come in lightning cable, Micro USB and Type C USB format. Both of them looks sturdy enough to survive the chaos that is your bag. The cords are actually impressive.

Both ends for the cable also don’t seem like cheap plastic at all.

If you favor aesthetics more than function then you’ll be happy to know that these cables from The Geekkery brand also looks stylish. I got my hands on the denim looking cable and it worked well when I was dressed down.

Also loved the nice leather clasp that came along with the product. Sadly we dont have a box when it gets shipped but thats ok too because you get to use it on the go. Lastly I loved how well this brand works extremely well regardless of your phone model or brand.


I love everything that the Geekkery offers and this cable proved to be a great way to get started on following the brand. Loved the denim look to be honest.

You can order your own Geekkery Cable for only Php349 at the website poundit.com


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