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Running out of Steam Wallet Balance or Garena Shells? Get them with GCash!

Taguig City, Metro Manila —Filipino gamers have always been plagued by Steam and Garena gaming pins not being readily available when they need it. Most of them have to go to malls to purchase prepaid gaming cards, or risk transferring money to bank accounts of untrusted online personalities just to buy pins and go back to their game. However, thanks to the GCash App’s new feature, gamers may never leave their computers and see daylight ever again – due to non-stop gaming.

The country’s leading mobile money provider GCash now sells Steam Wallet Codes and Garena Shells inside the GCash App. Customers can purchase these gaming credits for as low as PHP 20 up to PHP 100. What’s good for GCash customers is that they don’t get charged premium pricing, unlike local distributors that charge anywhere from 10-15% markup on top of the gaming pin’s original value.

Buying Steam Wallet Codes and Garena Shells inside the GCash App is very easy. A customer will just need to log-in to the app, tap on the Buy Load option, confirm their mobile number, and swipe to the right for the “GAMING PIN” option. Upon selecting and confirming the selected gaming pin denomination, an SMS containing a code will arrive to the customer to top-up on their Garena or Steam account.

“GCash isn’t only being financially-inclusive, but being gamer-inclusive as well. With this feature, we’re making it easier for Filipinos to purchase gaming pins for PC gaming platforms without the hassle of going to brick-and-mortar stores, or even transacting online with people they don’t know,” said Anthony Thomas, Mynt President and CEO. Mynt is the holding company of GCash. “They can now also participate in the Garena online deals and Steam Sales, especially the one this coming Halloween,” he added.

Steam is a digital game distribution platform from the US that sells a huge list of game titles for the PC, and is known for the games Counterstrike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Garena, also a digital game distribution platform, is known for Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas such as League of Legends, and Arena of Valor. Both platforms are hugely popular in the Philippines and have a massive local following.

Getting a GCash account is easy. Users from all networks can download the GCash App for free from the App Store or from Google Play and sign up for an account.

To fund their GCash account, a user can visit over 16,000 GCash Partner Outlets nationwide, like 7-Eleven, SM Business Centers, Robinsons Business Centers, Puregold branches, and Villarica Pawnshop branches, and tell the cashier to cash-in to their GCash account. Cashing-in to a GCash account is free.

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  1. ken says:

    Nice article but do yo know that there are some alternative shops where to buy swc with gcash? There is codashop, seagm, datablitz and xquareshop you can check xquareshop here https://xquareshop.com. Its not like alternative since these shops are more cheaper than on the gaming pins steam wallet of gcash app.

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