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Let’s Be Honest, Paul Anderson is Murdering Monster Hunter

Capcom is cashing in on the popularity of their Monster Hunter franchise by giving the reigns to director Paul W. Anderson and his wife Milla Jovovich.

I’m totally ok with setting their tone and all that to have this desert/ post-apocalypse world because that’s that natural habitat for Milla Jovovich and her crew. Even Diego Boneta here looks gung-ho in his character.


There’s nary a hint of armor. That’s the whole point of Monster Hunter. You hunt monsters and you use the various parts from your main kill to craft weapons and armor. That’s why players spend countless hours improving their stats so they can take down stronger monsters and get better armor.

I could totally understand if there was even a scale armor or something or anywhere in the actor when they shot this scene but I doubt they even had the temerity to do that.

What part of that does the filmmakers not understand though? This isn’t Resident Evil swapping dragons and monsters for zombies. This is a whole different genre. So what gives?

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