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CrewBloom Reinvents the Outsourcing Industry

With the BPO industry booming within the last few decades and introducing new kinds of technology in the workplace, the businesses and the working environment are bound to change for the better.

Outsourcing used to be all about call centers where businesses hire agents in-office to take their calls for them. Most of the time, these call center agents and their offices are located in countries like India and the Philippines. These Asian countries are two of the leading BPO hubs in the world because of lower wages, readily available manpower and majority can speak good English. Nowadays, it’s not just the big companies that need to outsource workers but even micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

A premier outsourcing destination for its proven track record of high quality output and affordable hourly wages compared to western countries, Philippines is a breeding ground for highly-educated professionals with native-level command of the English language and experience working for international brands that empower them to compete in global markets.

CrewBloom started to help the US-based MSMEs who are looking to grow their business but are struggling to find, hire, and retain the hires they need. By connecting businesses with top-tier Filipino professionals to join their sales, business development, and customer service teams, CrewBloom created a better, easier, and cost-efficient way to grow companies with the best outsourced professionals who love what they do.

Founded by an entrepreneur based in New York, Brianna Carney, together with the help of her co-founder Kate Ringcodan, a tenure in the remote outsourcing landscape in the Philippines, CrewBloom  reinvents the outsourcing model by giving clients the opportunity to be able to pick anyone from the company’s pool of top-tier remote workers.

CrewBloom has dedicated itself to getting U.S. companies the quality human capital they need to evolve for just a fraction of a cost and minus the risks.

With a 100% remote model, U.S. companies enjoy up to 70% reduction in overhead costs, not having to spend on infrastructure, technology, taxes, and healthcare benefits.

This remote setup also achieves high employee retention and consistent performance by affording contractors looking for work-life balance. CrewBloom also solves the lack of humanity in Philippine call center environments by providing work flexibility and compensation that recognizes success and rewards hard work.

As an environmental advocate, CrewBloom’s remote model reinvents the way businesses create by lessening carbon footprint.

Remote work is well on its way to be the future of workplace and businesses can have the chance to get ahead of the curve by adapting this new way of outsourcing with CrewBloom.

About Crewbloom

CrewBloom is an innovative and ambitious remote outsourcing agency dedicated to helping companies grow by using a modern and radical outsourcing approach. By removing the need for a physical office, CrewBloom is able to provide up to 70% cost savings and 2x-4x faster growth to businesses. In its commitment to quality and growth, CrewBloom developed a rigorous recruitment process that gives its client access to only the best contractors in the Philippines. Through its human-centric remote model, CrewBloom assures the lowest attrition rate in the outsourcing space by promoting work-life balance and flexibility to its people. This translates to consistent performance, high productivity, and an overall happier workforce.

CrewBloom serves as a connector in the outsourcing industry by working with innovative companies struggling to find and afford top talents and by filling its talent pool with only the top 2% out of 1000 applicants to meet the global standards of businesses. Required from its client partners is a proven, replicable training process, and CrewBloom’s got the following services covered:

Executive Profile


Brianna started her career at a small startup which helped her to better understand how small organizations scale. She moved to Amazon which is where she experienced the impact leveraging the global workforce can have on an organization. She began to question why so many domestic companies are limiting themselves.

After traveling around Asia, she was inspired to connect the robust workforce of the Philippines to US businesses looking to scale. With outsourcing being a very competitive market, she set out to differentiate CrewBloom by reinventing the industry. By outlining rigorous screening process to applicants and clients alike, CrewBloom now has access to the top 2% remote professionals in the Philippines and clients supporting human-centric workplace.

With leadership built on confidence and empathy, Brianna guarantees client happiness by taking care of her people. For her, preserving humanity in the workplace is more crucial than ever in a world that’s becoming more technology-focused by the minute, and that trust continues to be the recipe for a successful business.
In her spare time, Brianna loves scuba diving, running, reading, and cooking. She has also been taking the time to learn to speak Tagalog.

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