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Meet Thunderstorm, Thor and Storm’s supposed Daughter for EXILES

Remember that Exiles book that showed a lot of promise a few months ago? The one with Blink as the leader, MCU Valkyrie and Old Woman Kamala as members? Well apparently there was a time during development where Exiles’ creative team had Thor and Storm’s daughter called Thunderstorm.

The character was developed by Exiles creative team of Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez.

According to the writer, Thunderstorm was conceived in the reality where Storm became the ruler of Asgard much longer than she did in the regular timeline. It was during that time that she took Thor as her consort and had a baby with him.

Thunderstorm was pretty much locked and loaded for the team with the earlier covers for the current volume of Exiles showing her together with her other teammates.

Here’s what writer Saladin Ahmed had to say about the history of Thunderstorm via Twitter:


And here’s what Rodriguez had to say about the character.

Interestingly enough people are responding positively to the reveal of the character with some already asking when and if she would already make an appearance in this volume.

Exiles # 9 is set for release October 2018

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