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What if Pinoy Celebrities were Supheroes?

The GoCavite.com Facebook page strikes gold with this funny set of photos depicting Pinoy celebrities ranging from showbiz to journalism to politics being superheroes. I totally LOL’ed over Bearwin as Wolverine.

Also some of these have been reposted on the website’s fanpage, click HERE and start following our Facebook page.

Advance magisip isnt a celebrity but he is fast so lets have him stay in this list.

I hope there’s no Thanos in this set…

I spoke too soon. Also have no idea who Thani is.

Lourd De Vera as Star Lourd was pretty witty.

Medyo corny but lets give it a pass.

Loki Manzano was all the rage back in 2012.

In between terrorizing Barbie and JM and Spider-Man, Venomorales has it in spades.

This is a classic.

Instead of snikt, we get yahoo!

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