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The Internet Compares Captain Marvel Skrulls to Piccolo from Dragon Ball Evolution

As sad as it may sound it looks like netizens are right on the money comparing the alien race known as the Skrulls from 2019’s Captain Marvel movie with Piccolo from the universally hated film Dragon Ball Evolution.

Above you’ll see a side-by-side with the two alien characters and below you’ll see more plus some quick shots about this.

People got creative with their memes about the MCU Skrulls some were even tapping old school Fantastic Four stories to hint at how foolish the setup of Skrulls on a beach is. But worry not as there’s still ope for these “little green men” with characters rumored to appear that look really really cool in the books like K’lrt aka Super Skrull and Power Skrull just to name a few.

Oh and going back to Piccolo from Dragon Ball Evolution, here’s a commemorative video on this.

Captain Marvel is scheduled for release 2019 from Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios Philippines.

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