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Entertainment Weekly Offers a Bunch of New Stills for Captain Marvel

Yesterday Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson teased some major movement for Captain Marvel where she plays the titular superhero aka Carol Danvers. Today, she and Entertainment Weekly made true with her promise with several still images from the Marvel Studios film.

Not only do we get to see Carol Danvers in various costumes and looks…

We also get to see her “allies” from various timelines and different locations like a de-aged Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson)…

Oh man, we also get to see Monica Rambeau aka Photon.

The Skrulls are also making an appearance, another proof that the walls between Fox and Marvel have been dissolved. That or maybe they’ve already managed to strike a deal with 20th Century Fox to use the Skrulls prior to the selling.

To be honest though, I’m not entirely happy with the look they gave these MCU aliens. Feels like they could have done more. The only hope I have for them is seeing Power Skrull, Super Skrull and more.

Here’s to hoping that we also get to see an honest-to-goodness trailer in a few weeks time.

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