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Crazy Rich Asians Review

Is it a Cinderella story or is it something else? Here’s my Crazy Rich Asians review. Its now showing from Warner Bros. Pictures and stars Constance Wu and Henry Golding with Michelle Yeoh.

This film, directed by Jon M. Chu focuses on the life of Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) as she is thrust into the spotlight when she joins her boyfriend Nick Young (Golding) as they attend a wedding in Singapore. There she finds out that Nick is heir apparrent to a rich Asian family where she has to also deal with Nick’s disapproving mother played by Michelle Yeoh.

So what do I think? I know that the movie has a lot of things to offer for different people. Guys and gals would love all the “rich” stuff you get to see from fast cars and beautiful offices. Travel bloggers can get a glimpse of the food and sights Singapore has to offer. The ladies will also adore the love story presented in the film.

The love story plot between Nick and Rachel is OK to say the very least. We, as the audience, liked the screen chemistey these two share.

Constance Wu was loveable here in this flick. If you love here in Fresh Off the Boat, this will endear her more to you. Its also a different Constance from the one we’re used to see on TV.

Awkwafina and Nico Santos were lit here. Oh and trust in Ken Jeong to deliver at least one huge zinger here, and this one has to do something with Asians and Ellen. You got to wait for that.

Sadly Henry Golding looked good and that’s just that. It was flat in my opinion, even the more tender moments felt boring with him.

Michelle Yeoh, is (a) a vampire and she still looks no less than a day old from her time in Crouching Dragon Hidden Tiger. (B) Proof that Chinese women are not to be trifled with.

Without spoiling anything, Kris Aquino stole the show with her brief cameo. Loved that moment with Tita Kris and it definitely helped move the story by leaps and bounds.

Overall, and for this Crazy Rich Asians review, Im definitely seeing this movie again. Its dazzling and sparkling like the subject matter, has a bit if Hollywood produced heart and a good dose of humor. Not too much, not too little but good enough to leave the theater feeling good.



Special thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines

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