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Charles Xavier has a Different Outlook with his Return – Astonishing X-Men # 1

The return of Charles Xavier wasnt a big deal when the first arc ended with the current volume of Astonishing X-Men but the former founder of the X-Men is back and he’s started reconnecting with his former students. Here are spoilers for Astonishing X-Men Annual # 1.

This story starts with the remaining Original Five adult X-Men gather for a dinner where they inadverdently doba “pity party”.

Their little get together gets disturbed by the appearance of the newly revived Charles Xavier using a younger body but looks just like the founder of the X-Men.

Xavier invites the four X-Men to his new home somewhere nearby.

They also have a nightcap to catch up with whats happened so far. And the pub they took seemed like a really good place. Too good actually.

As they spend a few more days in the place, things go weirder. Jean Grey and Angel/ Archangel encounter weirdness while Beast and Iceman also encounter a mutant hater who changes his mind and demeanor mid-sentence.

Astonishing X-Men Annual # 1 climaxes with the four X-Men together with Professor X rescue Hank from the alien Lucifer and they see that Hank has been taken.

The bartender was responsible and is actually Lucifer in disguise. But what really got to the villain was Archangel who gets unleashed once more before cutting off the alien’s head.

The issue ends with Charles Xavier laying down some real talk on what he thinks about what has happened through the years and how he had hoped that Jean and the others would find happiness throughout their career as X-Men.

I like this new Charles Xavier. He still seems like he wants peaceful coexistence with humans but at the same time, he’s become pragmatic in his way of looking at things.

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