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Peter Parker and his Amazing Clone – Amazing Spider-Man # 2

Somethings never change especially for Peter Parker who starts a new story and a new volume under Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley. This includes another possible double or clone, which makes its appearance in Amazing Spider-Man # 2.

So the short of it is Peter is summoned to his old alma mater to make ammends for him plagiarizing Doctor Octopus’ thesis during the Superior Spider-Man era. Exposed and fired from his job, Parker agrees only to find Curt Connors aka Lizard teaching in the university. Connors offers Parker a chance at redemption by helping him reverse engineer the same machine that gave Peter Parker his powers.

They get interrupted with the appearance of Taskmaster and Black Ant who were under orders to steal the machine for an unknown employer.

Spidey wins after a quick change in a chemical cloud that Peter “creates”.Then this happens.

Peter then gets pulled up by Spider-Man himself…

How did this happen? Hopefully we get more details in issue 3


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