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OPPO F9 Details Teased

Hot on the heels of the Oppo F7 we are already hearing stuff for the Oppo F9 and the F9 Pro already.

Credits GSMArena

And its definitely following the design aesthetics of its older brother, the F7.

The teasers posted above were apparentlh teased for the Indian market and that’s the OPPO F9 Pro. Teasing and early hyping has also begun Malaysia and thats for the F9.

What we Know

So far we know that one of unique selling points or USPs for the Oppo F9 would be a badass VOCC system. In past versions, this thing was fast, but reports for the F9 suggests that a 5 minute charging session can yield a 2 hour talk time.

Very interesting.

But what kind of battery does it carry and will it synch perfectly with the OS and the processor? Let’s all wait and see as OPPO Philippines had begun showing teasers as well as of publishing this.

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