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Legacy Wars: Power Rangers VS Street Fighter First Trailer

With the impending anniversaries for both the Street Fighter and the Power Ranger franchise, it’s only apt to do a crossover. We’ve already seen several characters from Capcom’s classic brawler make their way into the mobile game Power Rangers Legacy War and that’s not all because there’s a new web series coming soon called Legacy Wars: Power Rangers VS Street Fighter.

You can watch the full trailer below:

This one’s produced by Bat in the Sun and features surprise, surprise, Jason David Frank who reprises his role as Tommy Oliver once more. We don’t see him in his Green Ranger or White Ranger suit but rather we get the Black Dino Thunder Ranger.

And here he is, or maybe thats not him, fighting Ryu.

And here he is fighting M. Bison

One scene that I really dig was that opening with the Megazord badly damaged and partially submerged in the Pacific Ocean with the view of Hong Kong behind it.

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