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New Images for God Eater 3 from Weekly Famitsu Including Sieg Pennywort and New Aragami

Bandai Namco’s upcoming game God Eater 3 gets a bit of updates thanks to the release of the latest issue of Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu.

Here’s the breakdown of information that was released this week in Famitsu regarding God Eater 3.

Sieg Pennyworth

Sieg Pennyworth is voiced by Shun’ichi Toki. He is caring, but can also act up at times. He grew estranged from one of his two younger brothers. His weapon is a Boost Hammer.

Burst Plugins

Determines power-up effects during the Burst state, and can be set for melee weapons, guns, and armor.

Example Burst Plugins include:

Preemptive Attack: Increases attack power.
High Torque: Reduces ST consumption for every action.
Wall: Reduces damage received.
Skill Install

By using “Preserved God Arcs” obtained as mission rewards, you can install skills into your God Arc. Install Skills strengthen the basic abilities of your God Arc.

Example Install Skills include:

HP Maximum Value Up
Cut Attack Up
Portable Item Use Speed Up
There are also Install Skills with increased effects based on the player’s level, as well as those whose effects increase when the player reaches Level 10.

Returning Aragami

Vajra, Sariel, Blitz Hannibal, Chrom Gawain, and Marduk will appear.

Read more at https://gematsu.com/2018/07/god-eater-3-adds-new-character-sieg-aragami-barbals#w1GJH3S8shr70j5V.99

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