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James Reid Pedro Penduko from Epik Studios Slated for Q4 2018

The modern take on Francisco V. Coching‘s Pedro Penduko starring James Reid just got a solid release date with Respeto director Treb Monteras helming the project.

Epik Studios is proud to partner with Viva Entertainment and Cignal TB to produce more than 50 extraordinary comic book characters, raising awareness about the characters as well as boosting popularity of these Philippine folklore character.

Reid will play Pedro Penduko, the ordinary Filipino who fights the forces of evil with the help of an enchanted amulet. This isn’t the first time the character has been played on-screen. Efren Reyes Sr. was the first to play the role followed by Ramon Zamora, Janno Gibbs and Matt Evans.

The Viva talent is also deep in preparstions for the challenging role. He has admitted that he is currently doing training in martial arts for key action scenes. He also promises that the new film will undergo a modern twist that not only redefines the character but also makes relevant superheroes for the current generation.

Cignal TB’s involvement here is the helping in production of the Penduko movie as well as other titles in the works as well as distributing these films in different platforms like IPTV, OTT and DTH. Cignal also promised that it would also help in merchandising and gaming.

Epik Studios also promises that they have plans to “retell stories of more folk heroes such as Bernardo Carpio, Maria Makiling and the like”. The studio vows that they will have a refreshing and new perspective from the eyes of young graphic novelists and animators.


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