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How to Get to Balesin

This year’s Epson Fusion took us to the beautiful island of Balesin in Quezon and I barely see any written post on how to get to the island online which relates to average joes like you and me. So here goes.

To get to Balesin, you need to take a chartered plane from Pasay. Alphaland (the guys who run and develop Balesin) has a private facility which is also your first stop…

It looks so nice inside though, the waiting area has decent Internet connection for guests.

There are flights to Balesin everyday in the morning. For Epson Fusion 9’s itinerary had a call time of 5am we were supposed to leave Manila at around 8am.

When you check in your baggage for the resort, you also get these cool looking boarding pass.

Flights usually takes 25 minutes depending on the weather. Basically its a really short flight because its just in Quezon province.

The island of Balesin has its own landing strip which leads directly into the island’s clubhouse…

Usually you get the orientation on the island including the breakdown of the different areas like Tropez, Bali and Toscana.

Of course, there’s also the terms of payment for the island. You cant simply breeze into the place. You need to be a guest of a member of the place and you also have to shoulder the expenses for the villas.

Oh and there is no cash transactions here as they will only accept credit card payments for everything.

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