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Marvel Retcons Mutants in Avengers # 1

Spoilers from last week’s Avengers # 1 by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness

All this time we thought that Apocalypse was the first mutant in history and that Namor was the first mutant in recent decades who came about during the “Silver Age”. Unfortunately for us, the former trivia seems to be false with the release of Avengers # 1 and the mighty comeback of the Avengers 1,000,000 BC.

In the opening scene for the issue we find the primeval Avengers getting ready for another fight, again with the Celestials, who are pissed that the Earthmen managed to kill one of their own and is now out seeking revenge.

In between the boisterous moments of a younger  Odin and his continued flirtation with the first Phoenix host, we get some exposition fro Agamotto.

It doesn’t look like they made a mistake with that statement either as the primitive Phoenix host (who also happens to have red hair) has been Odin’s lover even before Marvel Legacy # 1. The two have been meeting time and time again and their last chronological meeting was at the epilogue of Thor Generations where Jane Foster Thor teamed up with a younger Thor Odinson.

Odin and The Phoenix

Going back to the mutant topic, yeah, they pretty much confirmed that the mutants have already existed in ancient times and that they have already evolved beyond homo sapiens.

This was an interesting twist and certainly opens new ground for the mutants in the Marvel Comics including the X-Men.

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