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Avengers Infinity War Review – Non Spoiler

Hey guys it’s time to write down my thoughts on Avengers Infinity War which stars the entire Avengers, the entire Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and the entire Wakanda. Here’s my non-spoiler Avengers Infinity War Review.

The movie was perfectly timed for the 10th anniversary of Marvel Studios’ and what a decade it has been culminating in the BIGGEST superhero event of the year.

So anyway, no spoilers here so let’s just look at what we can ok.

Cast and Crew

Casting was gorgeous here. Everybody who made their mark one way or another in the MCU is here. Even the bad guys are amazing. But I gotta hand it to Josh Brolin who plays Thanos here for making the entire movie big and heavy. Even Peter Dinklage look great in this movie. But yeah, hands down, Thanos.

Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange pretty much leads the action away from Earth. Chris Evans as Captain America still fights good but there’s conflict within him. Thor is picking up the pieces from whatever happened in Thor: Ragnarok.


For this Avengers Infinity War Review, I have to remind you fanboys and fangirls that it was shot entirely in IMAX. So for the best results go watch it there. You won’t regret it. Being said, everything is eye candy in this movie especially if you’re a Marvel fan.

Abandoned space places look great as well as a huge fight scene in Wakanda makes the entire two and a half hour movie worth the while.


Amazingly, the Russo Brothers made a way to merge humor and seriousness in this masterpiece. It’s not like Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 where it started to become tiring after awhile. It’s more like how comedy was injected in MCU films like Black Panther and Spider-Man: Homecoming. I know some of you may hate it but there were moments even in the action scenes that they managed to sneak in a few laughs here and there, and they come from unexpected sources.


I have to state in this Avengers Infinity War Review that they managed to get the pacing right. The story structure was great and while there are a lot of crucial things that happened off-screen, it still meshes well.

Many might think that they got everything from Infinity Gauntlet but I’d like to think that this was more Thanos Quest than Gauntlet.

Fan Service

There’s a lot of things that felt like nod to fans at the very least or fan Service at the most. I can’t write it down here so you either check my spoiler review or you can watch the movie right now. All I can say is that there are a lot that will make you happy.

Oh and if you thrive on Pinoy Pride, like you eat and drink Pinoy Pride, there’s something in Infinity War for you as well.

Serious Stuff

Surprisingly, there was a lot of serious stuff or even dark stuff in this movie. We are after all dealing with a bad guy who wants to be a god. It definitely warrants the PG rating.

Bring a tissue too for this movie because stuff happens that I cannot spoil.

Thanos as a Villain

Congratulations to Marvel for getting a GREAT villain right in their movies. While we will never get a new Black Panther movie with Erik Killmonger again, at least we know that they had a villain whose complex as you and I.

I love how they made Josh Brolin look and sound arrogant and determined as possible.

You have to admire too how they wrote his character and how they framed it like he was right. He had the answers and he had the capability to do what he thinks is right.


The themes they play here in Infinity War is something to behold too. Themes of desperation for the good guys and the bad guys is something that plays strongly here. I loved, again, how they framed Thanos as being a good guy. He thinks he’s a good guy and he’s doing all of the things he’s done to preserve the universe.

Avengers Infinity War Review – Verdict


There’s a lot of things I can’t discuss without going spoilers mode. But you can take my word for it, Avengers Infinity War is hype, it lives to the expectation and you will enjoy this movie.

Special thanks to Goldilocks and Bayad Center for the screenings.

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