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Midnight Sun Review

Here’s my Midnight Sun review which stars Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger. The film is directed by Scott Speer.

In this romance film, Thorn plays Katie, a girl diagnosed with XP, a rare disease that makes exposure to the sun’s UV rays fatal. She falls in love with the “boy next door” Charlie (Schwarzennegger) who later falls head over heels in love with Katie.

That’s as far as I’m wiling to go with describing the plot of the movie because going beyond would reach spoiler territory.

But was the Midnight Sun movie actually good? It has its moments but I cannot completely say it’s great. It feels like this decade’s “A Walk To Remember” complete with a dying girl, a romance plot where they change each other’s life for good and the whole shebang. There are a few differences here and there so and it’ a fresh take on the “trope”.

I’m a sucker for the feels and the whole kilig thing and there’s only an ounce of that here. Was hoping for more but the credits rolled and I was left hanging.

I did frame parts of the movie from a dad’s point of view and that’s where it got me. Didn’t get me good but it did punch me. Being in a situation where your little girl is going down to a place you can’t follow really stung.

So props to Bella Thorne and Rob Riggle. Didn’t really appreciate the acting of Schwarzenegger here because it’s kinda rough around the edges. But Riggle and Thorne I thought deserved praise.

The songs they used here are OK. The “love theme” wasn’t as catchy as l had hoped it would be.

Midnight Sun Review – Verdict


Had promise, kinda felt lacking. It reminded me so much of A Walk To Remember only with a less than enthralling plot.

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