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Spider-Man Picks Batman over Kingpin as Mayor of NYC in Amazing Spider-Man FCBD Issue

The Free Comic Book Day issue of the relaunched Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley blew people’s minds because of the way the book was written. Thanks to a scan by notorious scanner “Scanbro”, we have the entire issue online. Now I don’t want to spoil what happens in the book but I do want to share a nice panel.

I noticed that as time goes by Marvel and DC referencing each other’s characters has gotten more blatant. These days, Spider-Man can freely mention Batman. Or he and Deadpool can make fun of Zack Snyder and the DCEU. On a more serious note, Captain Marvel and her search for the reality gem has shown us a glimpse of a different Captain Marvel.

Over at DC Comics, they recently dropped a hint that the Marvel Universe could be part of an unaccounted universe that’s not part of the 52 multiverse they’ve been ragging about. We’ve seen that in an issue of Superman with a slight banter between Booster Gold and Skeets…


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